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Green Horizons: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for a Thriving Planet

24 - 25 September 2024
Melbourne Marriott Hotel Docklands


Kate Romanova

Group Head of Technology, Strategy and Innovation


Keynote Address: The Future of Sustainability Through Technology: 2024-2030


Ken Lunty  

Technical Director, Sustainability


Panel Discussion Collaborative Sustainability: Driving Change Across Industries for 2024-2030

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Rick Lord

Head of Methodology Innovation | ESG Innovation and Analytics

S&P Global Sustainable 1

Beyond Disclosure: Leveraging Physical Risk Assessments for Long-Term Sustainability

Rick is a climate and sustainability expert with over 15 years of experience across the public and private sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. Rick leads the methodology innovation team at S&P Global Sustainable 1 focusing on the design and development of innovative methodologies to aid companies and investors in understanding climate and sustainability risks and opportunities.

Key topics of interest include climate change physical and transition risks to real assets, companies, and portfolios, and responding to emerging sustainability regulations and disclosure standards. Rick holds a Master's in Environmental Economics from Imperial College London and a Bachelor of Science from Queensland University of Technology.

Jessica Loughland

Livestock Supply Chain Manager


The Future of Food: Sustainable Agriculture

Jessica Loughland is the Livestock Supply Chain Manager for Australian beef processor, Greenham, who operates three export beef plants across Victoria and Tasmania. In her role, Jessica is responsible for overseeing the company's natural beef programs, digital feedback systems, supply chain sustainability initiatives, and engagement with producers. Since joining the team in December 2020, she has successfully delivered two new premium programs to Greenham producers and customers, including the Greenham Beef Sustainability Standard (GBSS) and the Dairy Beef Program.

With a background in Agricultural Science, Jess spent much of her early career with processor Teys Australia working in livestock, finance, and project management roles and, before joining Greenham, led the MSA Business Development team to help drive the adoption and commercialization of the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) program.

Jessica is a passionate advocate for Australian agriculture and strives to support the ongoing sustainability and resilience of the industry through her involvement in the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF) Sustainability Steering Group and the Australian Meat Industry Council’s (AMIC) Sustainability Reference Committee. Jessica is also a non-executive Director for Food and Fibre Great South Coast (FFGSC) and the Future Farmers Network (FFN) where she hopes to engage and inspire the next generation of industry leaders.

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Dr. Payam Ghadirian

Enterprise Data Manager


Sustainable Urban Planning: The Road to 2030


Valentina Petrone

Australia Circular Economy – Associate Director – Waste Management & Circular Economy


Case Study: Waste Management and the Circular Economy - Lessons from WSP

Valentina has 18 years of experience in the construction industry, working across Europe and Southeast Asia, providing design and advisory advice concerning waste minimization and circular economy to private clients as well as State and Local Governments.

Valentina is WSP’s Australia Circular Economy Lead, combining her architectural background with an in-depth knowledge of circular economy principles and how they could be implemented in the built environment at different scales of intervention. She has co-authored the Circular Design Guidelines for the NSW Government to facilitate the transition to a Circular Built Environment and has successfully delivered pioneering Circular Economy projects in Australia with a focus on ‘Designing out waste’ from the outset.

In recognition of her technical excellence, Valentina has recently been awarded the title of Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of Sydney. She is also regularly invited to contribute as a keynote speaker and panelist to industry events and conferences in Australia and internationally.

Moreover, she is the Chairperson of the Property Council of Australia's National Working Group on Circular Economy, and an active member of the Green Building Council of Australia - Responsible Products Expert Reference Panel.


Alison Dilger

Director, Sustainability & Climate Change


Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Planning for 2030

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Scott Tonkin

Principal Environmental Sustainability Advisor

Eden Future

Water Conservation in the Face of Climate Change: Strategies for a Sustainable Future

Scott Tonkin is a Principal in Environmental Sustainability and Director of Eden Future with extensive experience gained over the last 20 years in operational delivery and major infrastructure projects focused on strategy, environmental sustainability, and land conservation. He has designed and led various strategies including Environmental Sustainability, Wastewater Management, and ESG Transformation to achieve emission reductions, minimize environmental impacts and pollution, and create sustainable and resilient operations. This has included the identification of investments/capabilities and the supporting processes to achieve agreed targets and outcomes. Scott has worked in various senior roles covering national and international jurisdictions across private and public sectors within transport, major infrastructure, agribusiness, manufacturing, food production, resources and energy.  

Dianna Enlud

Sustainability Solutions Director

S&P Global Sustainable 1

Roundtable Discussion:  Measuring and Reporting Sustainability Metrics

As Sustainability Solutions Director at S&P Global Sustainable1, Dianna works closely with key strategic clients in Australia and New Zealand to understand their sustainability data needs and identify solutions for the integration of sustainability data and analytics into client workflows and investment processes. She also works with clients on their sustainability reporting needs including frameworks such as PCAF, NZBA, TCFD, TNFD, and ISSB. 


Dianna has over 20 years of financial markets experience working in product, investment, research and commercial roles for global asset managers in Singapore including Allianz Global Investors and Schroders Investment Management, as well as Australian financial institutions including Ord Minnett. In these roles, she has worked with financial, corporate, and government clients across Asia Pacific, Japan, and Europe. 


Dianna has a Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) from Macquarie University and is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA Australia). Dianna has obtained the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credential from the IFRS Foundation.

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Olivia Whitaker

Sustainability Manager, Australia and New Zealand


Preserving the beauty of the planet with the L’Oreal Group

Olivia is a passionate environmentalist and social justice advocate, who is committed to using her diverse skillet to help address today’s most urgent social and environmental needs. She has a background in sustainability consulting and was also a member of National Australia Bank’s inaugural climate and sustainability solutions team.  In November 2022, Olivia joined the L’Oréal Group as Sustainability Manager for Australia and New Zealand. In her role, she is responsible for leading and supporting projects and initiatives connected with the Group’s global sustainability program “L’Oréal for the Future.” Olivia works with teams across the business, as well as with external partners, to help drive the L’Oréal Group’s transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.  

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Vaibhav Gaikwad

Head of Sustainability


Roundtable Discussion: Fashion Forward: The Future of Sustainable Fashion and Circular Economy

Panel Discussion Collaborative Sustainability: Driving Change Across Industries for 2024-2030

Vaibhav heads sustainability and ethical procurement at ELK, a conscious fashion brand based in Melbourne. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Newcastle and has been working in the sustainability field for over a decade. Vaibhav has helped several organizations reduce their environmental impact through practical and evidence-based strategies and embed best practice ethical sourcing policies in their supply chain. His experience in sustainability spans across several sectors including FMCG, fashion, infrastructure, & resources. Vaibhav is a published author with more than 30 papers and articles in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences and also holds a US patent for converting electronic waste plastics into filaments for 3D printing. 

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Alexander Liddington

Sustainable Agriculture Analyst


From Farm to Fork: Sustainable Food Systems in a Net-Zero World

Alexander Liddington a Food and Agriculture Analyst with BloombergNEF, is a strategic research provider covering the transition to a low-carbon economy. His work covers the global agricultural transition to net zero through the lens of policy, technology, and finance. Recently, Alexander has spent time exploring the economics of precision agriculture and its impacts on the global food system. Prior to BloombergNEF, Alexander worked in crop protection and as a research zoologist studying amphibian fungal diseases in the neotropics.

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Stephanie Thoo

General Manager Innovation & Sustainability

Pro-Pac Group Pty Limited

Panel Discussion Collaborative Sustainability: Driving Change Across Industries for 2024-2030

Stephanie Thoo is the General Manager of Innovation & Sustainability at Pro-Pac Group. She has spent her career in innovation consulting, startups, and social enterprise. Her career has been fueled by an unwavering passion for empowering individuals, whether they be entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, to create positive environmental and social change.


Dr. Scott Watkins

Chief Sustainability Officer

Kyung-In-Synthetic Corporation (KISCO)

Bringing An Industry Together: Chemistry Driving A Sustainable Revolution In the Fashion Industry

Dr Scott Watkins is the Chief Sustainability Officer with KISCO, a Korean chemical company. He has a PhD in Chemistry and has previously been a research leader in the UK and with CSIRO in Australia. Scott sits on the board of a number of not-for-profits as well as the Australia Korea Foundation.


Freya Marsden

Non-Executive Director

The Role Of AI In Sustainable Development

Freya Marsden is an established board director with over 20 board and committee roles across diverse industries. Freya brings a wealth of experience as a risk specialist, economist, and sustainability specialist with an extensive background in the public, private, and community sectors.


Freya Marsden is the Chair of the Victorian government’s Sustainability Fund, Non-Executive Director (NED), Chair of Risk, Optimisation and Sustainability for Melbourne Water, NED, and Chair of Audit and Risk for APCO (Australia’s Packaging Covenant Organisation a co-regulatory body which progresses the Circular Economy for Packaging). Freya was recently appointed Chair of VicReturn's Board of Directors (Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme) and is also a Technical Expert with Standards Australia on Artificial Intelligence and the Environment.

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