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Burnout – How To Lead a Momentum To Tackle This Crisis

Organizations are investing unprecedented resources in employee mental health and well-being. However, are we solving the correct problems with a burnout at all-time highs (and increasing)? This session will help leaders understand the root issues of burnout and how they can make a difference.

  • Burnout: Are we solving the right problem?

  • Leading the charge against burnout

  • A practical model to identify practical solutions


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John Chan, Ph.D.

Talent Manager

Coles Group

Dr. John Chan is the managing director of Infinite Potential, a think tank dedicated to developing high-quality research, insights, and practical solutions to address some of the most pressing problems found in the workplace. Dr. Chan is an industrial/organisational psychologist with 20+ years of global experience designing people strategies to transform workplaces into places that empower individuals to realize their full potential. Dr. Chan's career has taken him from Silicon Valley start-ups to NYSE and ASX-100 companies. Dr. Chan publishes in academic and media publications and regularly speaks at a national and international conferences. 

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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