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Erudition Bites Session
Holistic Workforce Empowerment

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  • Pioneering Thought Leader: Dr. John Chan, an Industrial/Organisational psychologist, brings over two decades of expertise in crafting innovative people strategies, nurturing future leaders, and advancing workplace sustainability. His trailblazing initiatives revolutionize workplace dynamics, leveraging talent management, HR technology, and people analytics to drive transformative change.

  • Multifaceted Industry Navigator: With a career trajectory encompassing Silicon Valley startups to high-profile corporations listed on NYSE and ASX-100, Dr. Chan's profound impact transcends global boundaries. His extensive experience, both internally and as an external consultant, positions him as an invaluable catalyst for positive workplace transformations across diverse industries worldwide.

  • Distinguished Thought Provoker: As the Managing Director at Infinite Potential, a prominent think tank dedicated to pioneering research and thought leadership in workplace dynamics, Dr. John Chan spearheads the creation of cutting-edge insights. His contributions span academic and media publications while regularly engaging audiences at national and international conferences, driving discourse and change in the realm of workplace enhancement.

Dr. John Chan is an Industrial/Organisational psychologist on a mission to revolutionize the workplace and our relationship with work. With over 20 years of experience in developing holistic people strategies and developing future leaders, John’s diverse expertise spans talent management, HR technology, workplace sustainability, and people analytics. In his role as Managing Director at Infinite Potential, a think tank dedicated to thought leadership and research about people in the workplace, Dr. Chan orchestrates the development of high-quality, industry-leading insights.

John’s career has taken him from Silicon Valley start-ups to NYSE and ASX-100 companies. Working in both global internal and external consulting roles, John’s passion for creating a better workplace spans across industries and national lines. John publishes in academic and media publications and regularly speaks at national and international conferences.

What we're getting wrong about Burnout - and how to fix it" will explore the latest research and bust some common myths about burnout – what’s really driving the growth, and what you can do to prevent and address burnout for ourselves.


Burnout is defined as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been managed. The three dimensions of burnout consist of exhaustion, detachment/cynicism with one’s work, and a reduction in one’s professional efficacy. The impact is not only felt by individuals but also by the organization in the form of productivity and engagement.  Through a combination of interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain insights into the root causes of burnout, recognize burnout in themselves and others, and learn strategies to mitigate this issue.


Key takeaways

  • Recognition of signs and symptoms of burnout

  • Understanding the root causes of burnout

  • Debunking common myths about burnout

  • Practical tools and practices to reduce workplace stress


A leader's guide to creating a sustainable workplace" will help leaders understand the root causes of stress that leads to burnout and how to develop strategies that focus on systemic and structural changes. The session will discuss how leaders can identify early signs of burnout and ways to help their people alleviate the source of the problem. Utilizing the latest research on burnout, participants will learn and discuss the latest insights on burnout and how to apply them to their own team.


Key takeaways

  • What is burnout and why is it important for leaders to address it?

  • The root causes and symptoms of burnout

  • Discuss the ‘Three R’ approach to burnout

  • Individual and organizational strategies for preventing burnout

As we head into a new industrial age, there are rapid changes in how we work, the ways that we work, and who we are working with. The skills and capabilities that a leader will need to succeed will be different than before. The session “The future leader” will explore what the future workplace looks like and what capability a future leader will need to succeed. The session will also explore different tools to identify high-potential talent in your organization and ways to develop them into future leaders.


Key takeaways

  • What does the future work landscape look like?

  • The key characteristics of future leaders

  • How to identify high-potential employees?

  • How to develop high-potential employees?

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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