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Emerging Leaders Roundtable

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Erudite Training Solutions

Membership Policy

What is the Emerging Leaders Roundtable?

Networking events for emerging leaders to bring innovative solutions to pressing issues and challenges in leadership. The aim is to partner with leaders from diverse sectors to raise awareness of current news, mix experience and freshness, access creative views, and bring more power to the leadership approach.

The Policy

The Emerging Leaders Roundtable (ELR) Membership Policy is integral to Erudite Training Solutions (ETS) and it has three categories of Members – Partner member, Premium Members, and VIP Members.



The purpose of this ELR Membership Policy is to set out the expectations for all Members to ensure an effective basis for their contribution to the roundtable and to protect the use of the Roundtable

brand. It references the criteria for membership, the obligations on Members to contribute to the success of the roundtable, and the benefits each membership will gain.


This policy applies to all Emerging Leaders Roundtable active members


Regular group meeting chaired by rotation among members with a focus on learning and growth

  • Aims to provide opportunities for mentoring for emerging leaders in various leadership challenges

  • Appreciates the diversity, and richness it offers to bring innovative solutions

  • Promotes the respectful exchange of information and ideas

  • Respect and innovation are core values of the group.


Membership categories

  1. Partner (Basic Membership)

  2. Premium (Paid)

  3. VIP (Paid)


Benefits for members

  • Standout from the crowd by taking the first step to leadership

  • Possible mentoring opportunities to advance your career

  • Networking and events in a global setting

  • Stay up to date with business challenges

  • Join the speaker’s hub for speaking opportunities

  • Access to resources and E-learning

  • Discounted access to conferences and programs


No Claim

No Member whose membership ceases for any reason will have any claim against the Association or the members of the Board for damages or otherwise arising from cessation or termination of membership, for whatever reason.


Membership is personal to each Member. No Member shall, or suggest to, assign the rights comprising or associated with membership to any other person and/or legal entity and any attempt to do so shall be void.



Purpose: is to administer the membership process in an effective and efficient manner.

Scope: Membership procedures apply to all members of the Emerging Leaders Roundtable.


  • Membership application specifies the category (basic, premium, or VIP)

  • Basic membership is connected to the LinkedIn group and to be notified for monthly discussions via LinkedIn messages or emails.

  • Paid membership is to process the annual payment, receive an invoice then connect to the LinkedIn group.

  • Membership Profile will be created for each member and stored in the members' database

  • Cancellation within 14 days of signing up to paid membership will be refunded less 10%

Review Date: December 2021

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