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The 6 Essential Traits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders




7 Weeks

About the Course

This course is designed to ensure practical application and learning. (it is not about attaining knowledge only) it aims to help you practise and apply the learning in your day-to-day life.

Your Instructor

Afaf Ibrahim

Afaf is a certified EI practitioner and very passionate about the role of EI in driving organisational performance and building business’ competitive advantage.

Afaf worked in various sectors including local government, corporate, educational and communal, where she partnered with internal and external stakeholders to assist in the space of talent acquisition, workforce planning, staff engagement, case management and learning and development to help drive positive outcomes on the operational and strategic levels.

In her current role as a Senior HR Consultant with a background in EI, NLP and life-coaching, she has been able to partner with leaders from different walks in life where she recognized the importance of emotional intelligence for effective leadership.

Afaf Ibrahim
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