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The Practical Guide to Building your Child's Emotional Muscle




4 Weeks

About the Course

Emotions are a life-long learning. High Emotional Intelligence help children better learn, build positive relationships, make decisions, solve problems, be empathetic and develop resilience.

Having the ability to raise your child with the right skills set that is healthy and nurturing takes a high level of emotional intelligence.

Your Instructor

Afaf Ibrahim

Afaf is the Founder of Emotional Intelligence Australia, EI & NLP Coach, Educator, a proud mother of two!
She worked with schools where she managed programs for parents, help disadvantaged youth, empowered women and assisted victims of domestic violence through various platforms.
Afaf is a certified EI practitioner and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) coach. She is very passionate about the role of EI in transforming the experience of parenting to make it a joyful and fruitful journey.

Afaf Ibrahim
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