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Digital Factory 4.0

Bringing The "Factory of the Future" To Life
Marriott Hotel Docklands
June 6-7 2023

Forum Overview

Erudite Training Solutions welcomes you to the Digital Factory 4.0: Bringing The "Factory of the Future" To Life, happening on June 6 -7, 2023, at the Marriott Docklands, Melbourne, Australia.

Digital factories are the way of the future. The global pandemic has accelerated the manufacturing industry's digital transformation, evolving into a more automated and digitized global network. However, many questions remain unanswered to reinvent and enhance these systems and guide us in discovering new ways to innovate, collaborate, and make them a reality.

Come to learn more about Additive Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Industrial IoT: Sensors to Platforms, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Automation & Robotics, and Business & Workforce Transformation, Digital Warehousing, and Green & Sustainable Manufacturing from visionary keynotes and technical presentations.

Digital Factory 4.0 Forum is a unique way to gain knowledge and enjoy engaging networking sessions with like-minded manufacturing professionals. Learn innovative, practical solutions that you can take with you and practice in your operations.



Rakesh Bandipelli




Alistair Grevis-James

Director, Data Science and Digital Transformation

CSL R&D Biopharmaceutical

Jason Barkla.png

Jason Barkla

Manager - Generation STEM Link, Program



Laleh Bayat Sarmadi

Digital Technology & Automation Program Manager



Brendan Funnell

DD Innovation and Continuous Improvement Maritime Systems Division

Department of Defence


Dr. Abhik Benerjee

Director of D

Swinburne University of Technology

John Croft_circle.png

John Croft

 AM (Additive Manufacturing) Hub Manager

Australia Additive Manufacturing Alliance


Janak  Gorana

Industry 4.0 Specialist



Saar Davidi

Innovation Director Automation



Keith Ritchie

Head of Communication and Government Affairs



Peter Schreiner

Industry Innovation Specialist - Agribusiness, Transport & Manufacturing



Raj Sohmshetty

Senior Technical Specialist, Manufacturing Analytics & Industry 4.0

Ford Motor Company


Brett Wiskar

Chief Future Officer



Jonas Anthony

Executive Director of Corporate Management (Rtd)



Serena Moreno

Industry Subject Expert In Digital Factory & Industry 4.0


Jason Murrell

Group Executive


STC12082_AustCyber_Logo_RGB_Master_AustCyber positive.png
Peter Canavan_square.png

Peter Canavan

Senior Policy Officer

AI Group Centre for Education and Training


Michael Bourchier

Managing Director


Engineering Pty Ltd

John square.png

John Broadbent

Industry 4.0 Strategy & Mentoring Director

Realise Potential

james square.png

James Balzary

Chief Executive Officer


Stephen Lakey_square.png

Stephen Lakey



Amiga Engineering Logo copy.png
White Background
Deploying Automation and Robotics to improve precision and productivity in various production industries
Overlaying Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)/Mixed Reality (MR) for maintenance, production, training, and simulation.
Utilizing Sensors to Platform Industrial IoT in manufacturing facilities to boost efficiency and dependability in their operations, focusing on machine-to-machine communication, big data, and machine learning

Forum Highlights

3D Printing Machine
Warehouse Robot
Security Room
Woman in VR Headset
Person Analyzing Data
Employing Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology to create finished products
Building Cybersecurity systems to secure digital threats to retain data integrity and privacy
Data Processing
Stock Exchange
Warehouse Workers in Hardhats
Recycling Factory
Warehouse Team in Meeting
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to collect data and make inferences about the future
Using Blockchain Technology to streamline operations, improve supply chain visibility, and track assets with unprecedented precision
Harness the power of Advanced Manufacturing technology to increase your bottom line and advance your supply chains in real-time
Reducing negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources with green and sustainable manufacturing processes 
Advancing Business and Workforce Transformation for manufacturers to gain from Smart Manufacturing Initiatives
Female order picker
Enabling brands to manage their supply chain, enhance visibility and transparency, improve speed, and maintain high order accuracy through Digital Warehousing
Capturing raw data from manufacturing equipment to draw conclusions and make more informed business decisions using Data Analytics

Who Should Attend

The Digital Factory 4.0 forum will address the most significant challenges faced by key manufacturing decision-makers. Attendees will walk away with guidance to drive future technological innovations, successful business strategies, and operational efficiency as they prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the coming year.

Attendees joined with manufacturing experts and peers to explore new solutions and unearth new insights to ensure they stay competitive and effective by becoming smart manufacturers.

10 Reasons to Join the Forum

1. Stay in the lead for Australia's digital factories' brighter and more productive future.

2. Acquaint yourself with the latest developments in the evolution of the manufacturing sector.

3. Understanding state-of-the-art practices for constructing productive, resilient, and data-driven enterprise digital factories

4. Get the latest advances in Industry 4.0 via Digital Twins, AI, 5G, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

5. Creating future-proof cybersecurity manufacturing facilities enabling cyber-physical systems for human-machine interaction

6. Optimize long-term growth strategies using advanced analytics for continuous manufacturing processes.


7. Make the best use of IoT and AI to complement and increase the efficiency of the industrial workforce.


8. Evaluate your institution's ability to keep up with global reforms and seize manufacturing digitalization opportunities


9. Develop a holistic human-centric manufacturing strategy based on digital operations.

10. Breaking through the hoops on the Path to Smart Manufacturing via thought-provoking keynote presentations, insightful conversations, and networking sessions

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