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Erudition Bites

We provide a tailored, bite-sized learning session for your business. Our award-winning and highly sought-after international speakers will lead an entertaining and engaging conversation lasting 60–120 minutes. This program's accessibility and less formal structure set it apart.

Respect your employee's hectic schedule and let them participate in an enjoyable learning experience. Invite them to a session of microlearning. In the workplace, bite-sized sessions facilitate the development of a culture of communication, collaboration, and learning by providing workers with a platform for open discussion. 

Afaf Ibrahim

EI - Coach | EI Australia

Emotional Intelligence

1. Emotional Intelligence Matters in the Workplace

2. Emotional Intelligence for Employee Wellbeing

3. The Role of EI in Managing People

Arpan Roy

Leadership Development Specialist

High Impact Leadership

1. Golden Questions That Every Leader Must Answer

2. 3 Keys To High-Impact Leadership

3. 3 Major Roadblocks That Impact Your Productivity And Project Delivery

August E. Whitcomb

Crisis Communications Consultant

Crisis Management

1. Are You Ready? Inside a Real Crisis with No Parachute

Mark Hodgson

Mentor, Personal Brand & Career Transformation Strategist

Transformation Leadership

1. Getting your Leadership in Shape to Succeed

2. Building Your Professional Brand to Unlock Your Full Potential

3. Building the Resilience You Need to Thrive

4. Your Self-Leadership Roadmap to Success

5. 10 Characteristics Every Professional Needs to Succeed

Sven Gade

Executive Coaching - Team Maker Specialist

Results Centered Teamwork

1. Be The Master of Your Time

2. Doing Your Best When It Matters Most

3. The Art Of Listening

4. Your Communication Style - How To Connect At Work

5. Dealing With Conflicts Effectively

Yasmin Darwish

Kinesiologist | Founder - YD Kinesiology

Mental Health & Wellbeing

1. Coping Mechanisms at the Workplace During Uncertainties

2. Goal Setting and How Self-Sabotage Can Impact Our Goals

John Chan

Workplace Innovation Expert

Holistic Workforce Empowerment

1. What we're getting wrong about Burnout - and how to fix it.

2. From burning out to burning bright: A leader's guide to creating a sustainable workplace

3. The future of leader: How to identify and develop talent

Christie Flora

Time Trainer and Goal Strategist

Productivity and Time Management

1. Dealing with competing priorities and managing time wisely

2. Workspace organization: Priming your environment to make the next task easy​

3. Workflow tracking systems: Ensuring that nothing falls in the cracks​

4. Refresh to be your best: The importance of Start/End time routines, taking breaks, and leave

5. Menstrual Cycle Awareness: How to use your cycle to work smarter, not harder

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