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Goal Setting and How Self-Sabotage Can Impact Our Goals

October 27, 2022
3:00 - 4:00 pm AEST

THE TAGLINE: How to achieve your personal and professional goals without self-sabotaging them.


Setting goals can be a great way to identify what's important for you, give you direction, and keep us motivated. Sometimes, however, our subconscious wants to keep us safe because change can also be daunting. This session will help identify when we are on track to reaching our goals and ways to ensure self-sabotage doesn't creep in.

WHEN/WHERE: Takes place on the 27th of October, 15:00 - 16:00 AEST via Zoom


  • How to stay on top of your personal and professional goals

  • Self-sabotage - what it is and how it can stop us from reaching our goals

  • Ways we can overcome self-sabotage and recognize when it's happening

  • A guided EFT session on how to overcome self-sabotage and how we can use it to ensure we stay on track to reach our goals.

CAN'T JOIN LIVE? Our webinar will be recorded and shared with all registrants afterward. If you cannot join live or would like to refer back to your learnings again, you can still take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by registering.

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Yasmin is a former corporate success turned kinesiologist and employee wellness and mindset enthusiast, assisting corporate companies and sustaining a healthy working environment. Her years of corporate experience then led her to fully understand what drives employees towards happiness, health, and productivity in the workplace. Yasmin’s work is now dedicated to helping people and companies engage in mindset and wellness activities that are proven to increase overall wellbeing and productivity. Yasmin also runs her own successful kinesiology business and has helped hundreds of people feel empowered and inspired, allowing them to achieve their overall goals.

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