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HR 4.0
Digital Revolution Summit 2022

Enabling the Future of Work Through Automation, AI and Analytics

March 8-10, 2022 | via ZOOM

09:00 - 17:00 (Western Europe UTC+0)

10:00 – 18:00 (Central Europe UTC+2)

12:00 – 20:00 (Gulf Standard Time)

Forum Overview

The human revolution is digital. In the end, humans will bring the Fourth Industrial Revolution to life in enterprises, not technology. HR leaders play a pivotal role in assisting their organizations to move towards a more inclusive, meaningful, and happy future of work for their employees and customers. How will you, as a HR leader, help your business rapidly redefine your role and profession more globally?


Join Erudite TS' HR 4.0 Digital Revolution Summit 2022 (via Zoom) on March 8-10, 2022 to learn how HR functions are transforming and how you can be a key business driver. Outline the role of human resources (HR) professionals in helping employees adapt to changing roles, tasks, and skills, as well as building attractive and inclusive workplaces.

Together with like-minded HR Practitioners, this forum will address your ability to effectively prepare your team via reskilling, upskilling, and lifelong learning.

Hear from 30+ speakers and global business leaders on how they are proactively managing the future of work through an empowered people analytics function and deploying the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to improve employee experience and productivity.

Hear From The Key Experts
Feature Speakers Line Up

New Speaker.png

David Swanagon

Head of People Analytics North America 



Karin Timcke

Manager Rewards and Analytics

Swissport International Ltd


Elena Kharlamova

Talent Acquisition Director EMEA

CSL Behring

Mara Zavagno.jpeg

Mara Zavagno

Chief Diversity and Inclusion & Officer Vice President Talent, Engagement and Rewards



Jonas Ottiger

Head of People Analytics 

International Committee of the Red Cross -ICRC


Nicolas Behbahani

Head of Global People Analytics & HR Data-People & Culture


Feliciano Gonzales Munoz.jpeg

Feliciano Gonzalez Munoz

Group Head of Human Resources


Andrew Scales.jpg

Andrew Scales

Head of Rewards

GFG Alliance


Miguel Premoli

Chief Human Resources Officer

No & Beauty Company


Kirsten Vasey

Digital HR and Workforce Transformation Leader



Matthew Yerbury

Global Head of People Analytics Consulting and Data Science



Adam McKinnon

People Data and Analytical Lead

Reece Group


Nina Orucevic

Director People Tech and Analytics



Ralf Buechsenschuss

Global Head of Org. Design, Analytics & Digitalization

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

sung Kee.jpg

Soumyasanto Sen

Digital HR, Analytics and Transformation Leader

Petra Mudder 1.jpg

Petra Mudder

Director Global People Analytics

Kellogg Company

Linda Proust.jpg

Daniela Proust

Global Vice President, Head of Global People Enablement and Growth

Siemens AG

Afaf Photo_edited.jpg

Afaf Ibrahim

Co-Founder | Snr HR Consultant

Founder EI-Coach

EI Australia

Erudite logo 1_edited_edited_edited.png

Mark Hayton

Head of Culture and Leadership



Vijay Ganesan

Director - Anlytics & Data Strategy, Europe


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Explore the most recent trends in people analytics and technology integration management in the workplace.

Discover how business titans create an agile and personalized to enable the future of work.

Gain practical insights on how to utilize the 4th IR technologies towards enhancing employees' engagement and productivity

Participate in outcome-driven breakout sessions and panels to learn about HR analytics use cases including opinion analysis, succession planning, diversity, and inclusion.

Learn from expert leaders who have played a significant role in the analysis of HR on key issues and solutions.

Profit from a unique chance to network with thought and industry leaders in the rapidly developing people analytics area.

Develop metrics for valuing human capital to improve business performance

Get an overall picture of how to use your organizations' data to develop your future HR plan

Understand the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on business data collection and processing practices.

Gain actionable insights on how data-driven work patterns affect your employee’s wellbeing, productivity, and company success.


Forum Highlights

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Keeping abreast with the framework for future work in accelerating business transformation via lifelong learning

Icon 4.png

Identifying the most effective and accurate action plans for your company’s and people future

Icon 6.png

Driving a new vision of company culture and shaping future

Icon 9.png

Understanding People Analytics’ role in diversity and inclusion

Icon 11.png

Recognizing your success in incorporating AI into the People Analytics Feature

Icon 2.png

Adapting to the changing workplace: learning, analytics and change management

Icon 5.png

Adopting technologies that facilitate innovation in HR

Icon 7.png

Overcoming common HR challenges with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Icon 10.png

Utilizing IoT for cost savings efficiency and productivity

Icon 8.png

Designing human-centered, comprehensive and purposeful employee experience

2 Days Forum Agenda

13:30 - 14:00

How to Broaden Hiring Methods in Order to Attract a Diverse Talent Pool

DAY ONE: 8 March 2022

09:00 - 09:15

Forum Introduction by Chairperson Highlights on Forum Day 1 Key Sessions

09:15 - 09:45

Keynote Address
The Impact of Industry 4.0 in the Future of Human Resources

09:45 - 10:15

Creating A Culture That Enables Strategy

10:15 - 10:45

Siemens Is Your Place To Thrive!

Staying competitive in today’s global marketplace requires to create a (learning) culture to be adaptive and ever-changing which highly depends on the skills, knowledge and mindset of the workforce. With “MyGrowth” we want o empower our people and foster their growth mindset to stay resilient, relevant and responsible by enabling continuous personal & professional growth leading to sustainable employability.

Under the MyGrowth “umbrella”, we bring together four main areas: Self-reflection, learning, career – and all that connected by Growth Talks. Growth Talks help to strengthen development, well-being and performance through future-oriented and strength-based conversations – between leaders, individuals and teams, on eye-level and continuously – which is absolutely key in our rapidly changing environment.

10:45 - 11:00

Morning Break

11:00 - 11:30

Creating New Leadership Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

11:30 - 12:00

Combining Operational and Strategic Workforce Planning to Meet the Needs of the International Committee of the Red Cross

Head of People Analytics
International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC


12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Break

13:00 - 13:30

Case Study Using Employee Engagement Surveys to Shape Strategic Decision-Making and Performance

14:00 - 14:30

In the Gig Economy, How Do You Develop a Talented and Diverse Workforce?

Talent acquisition Director EMEA
CSL Behring

Chief Diversity and Inclusion & VP Talent, Engagement and Rewards


14:30 - 15:00

Building A Unified Ecosystem For Talent Management

15:00 - 15:15

Afternoon Break

15:15 - 15:45

Embedding Diversity and Inclusion for Overall Corporate Strategy

15:45 - 16:15

How to Build a Self-Governing Entrepreneurial Network Using the Internet of Things for Cost Savings, Efficiency, and Productivity

16:15 - 16:45

Developing Human Capital Valuation Metrics

Group Head of Human Resources


Chief Human Resources Officer
No 7 Beauty Company


Global Head of People Analytics Consulting and Data Science


Global Vice President, Head of Global People Enablement and Growth
Siemens AG

Daniela Logo.jpeg

Head of Culture & Leadership

Mark Hayton Logo.jpeg

Post Forum Masterclass

March 10, 2022 | 9:00 - 12:00

Workshop 1:
Make Time For The Favourite Part Of Job. Getting HR 4.0 Transformation Right So That You Never Do It Again (Almost)

Make time for the favourite part of your HR job. Getting HR 4.0 Transformation Right so That You Never Do It Again (Almost).

“I think my favourite part of the job is the unnecessary administrative work”

- said no one ever. 

Technology is constantly changing and shaping the way that people work. HR plays an important role in making sure people adapt to changing roles, empowering them to re- and up-skilling, and ensuring

Masterclass B.jpg

people can fulfill their potential. Essentially, to attract, retain and develop the workforce of the future.


To succeed, HR needs to be a part of the technological changes, be open and drive changes within their profession. Now is the time to act, join the transformation, and challenge the administrative, repetitive and tedious tasks. Have you started your transformation? Are you ready for technology and automation?

People are the most valuable asset for any organization, and HR is vital to supporting the people. HR should work to gain time to work with strategic people matters: employer branding, recruitment, organizational development, employee experience, culture, learning, wellbeing, and diversity. 

And isn't this truly the favourite part of the job? 


Learn and understand the critical elements of HR transformation, how to start and drive your transformation, how to spot potential areas for change, and how to welcome what lies after your transformation.

Nina Orucevic
Director People Tech and Analytics