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Erudition Bites Session
Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Kinesiologist & Speaker

Founder - YD Kinesiology

  • Founder, Kinesiologist & Wellness Workshop Facilitator

  • 15 years of professional experience in Kinesiology and Human Resources and Wellness

  • She has successfully conducted over 30 + Wellness Workshops in the last 2 years for many reputable organizations.

Yasmin is a former corporate success turned kinesiologist and employee wellness and mindset enthusiast, assisting corporate companies and sustaining a healthy working environment. Her years of corporate experience then led her to gain a full understanding of what drives employees towards happiness, health, and productivity in the workplace. Yasmin’s work is now dedicated to helping people and companies engage in mindset and wellness activities that are proven to increase overall wellbeing and productivity. Yasmin also runs her own successful kinesiology business and has helped hundreds of people feel empowered and inspired, allowing them to achieve their overall goals.


Emotional stress can take a toll on our physical health and our ability to focus, think, and make effective decisions. When we better understand triggers and stressors in the workplace environments, we can identify appropriate strategies to reduce the impact of those stressors and maintain emotionally balanced professional environments.

Key Benefits

  • Have more resilience in the face of challenges and uncertainty

  • Identify and manage personal and professional stress

  • Design your own coping mechanisms when feeling anxious and overwhelmed

  • Gain more understanding about how the mind, body connection works

  • Learn about the importance of awareness to be able to make changes

Session Outline:

  • Staying in The Present Moment and; Mindfulness Techniques

  • Meditation and The Benefits

  • Intention Setting and The Importance of Rituals

  • Gratitude and How to Practice It Daily

  • The Power of Language and The Importance in The Words We Say to Ourselves and Others

  • Journaling - The Power in Putting Pen to Paper

  • Movement

Yoga at Home
“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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How to achieve your personal and professional goals without self-sabotaging them


Setting goals can be a great way to identify what's essential for you, give you direction, and keep us motivated. Sometimes, however, our subconscious wants to keep us safe because change can also be daunting. This session will help identify when we are on track to reaching our goals and ways to ensure self-sabotage doesn't creep in.

Session Outline:

  • How to stay on top of your personal and professional goals

  • Self-sabotage - what it is and how it can stop us from reaching our goals

  • Ways we can overcome self-sabotage and recognize when it's happening

  • A guided EFT session on how to overcome self-sabotage and how we can use it to ensure we stay on track to reach our goals.

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