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Join date: Jul 30, 2021


  • A GENOS EI certified practitioner, NLP and Life Coach

  • Founder of Emotional Intelligence Australia – deliver EI training, assessment and coaching programs

  • Partner-consultant with Queensland Educational Leadership Institute (QELI)

  • Leadership and Human Resources Educator with over 20 years of business and Human Resources experience in various sectors including corporate, government, education and communal

  • Corporate Training consultant with Kangan and Melbourne Polytechnic

Afaf is a certified EI practitioner and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) coach. She is very passionate about the role of EI in transforming the experience of parenting to make it a joyful and fruitful journey.

She worked with schools where she managed programs for parents, empowered women and assisted victims of domestic violence through various platforms.

Throughout her various roles in Human Resources, Education, Counselling and Coaching, I have worked with individuals and groups to make positive changes in their lives. She worked with disadvantaged youth in several programs and could identify strengths and passion hidden beyond perceptions. Afaf is a strong believer that when parents model a high level of emotional intelligence in their daily interactions, they offer a space of psychological safety for their child to grow in healthy and happy environment.

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