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The Battle Between Narcissism and Rationality

As human beings, we live with the unrealistic but confident sense that we have fundamentally figured out "the way things actually are" and have done this objectively. We naturally believe in our intuitive perceptions – however inaccurate. Instead of using intellectual standards in thinking, we often use self-centered psychological measures to determine what to believe and reject.

Key Takeaways


1. How to improve your thinking: check if your beliefs resemble reality.

2. Examine your beliefs and actions to live a rational life


"Socrates once stated - An unexamined life is not worth living!"


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Frank Marink

Executive coach, specializing in transformational conversations, integrity, critical thinking, and end-of-life plans. Basically cradle to grave high performance.

Frank's role is to coach executives and managers to higher performance in their vocations utilizing transformational coaching principles. A transformational conversation is one in which the context or filter of a client's worldview alters, changing what is possible for them with that mindset shift.

His achievements span thirty years of developing individuals and selling start-up companies. He has achieved over twenty thousand hours of one-on-one professional executive coaching since 2004, with an average marginal lifetime of a client exceeding seven years and an average marginal lifetime value of +$100,000.


Frank coached hundreds of primary school children, CEO, CFO, COO, Business Owners, Forensic Engineers, University Professionals, Lawyers, and Entrepreneurs and coached a lawyer for over 16 years. (in the time we have worked together, he has progressed from Partner to Barrister to Senior Counsel.)


His passion is being of service and vicariously becoming a part of my client's ongoing success. He loves it when my clients win big at their seemingly impossible games. He values the power of my word and how my word creates my world, and I am not trapped in the circumstances associated with other people's worldly values sets.


One of his interests of twenty years now involves age management and making the most of this beautiful life before it's too late. He delves into the science of senescence.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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