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Business Continuity Forum 2.0

Reimagining Resilience in a Volatile World

March 26, 2024 | Sydney, Australia

Prepare for the unexpected and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

The Business Continuity Forum 2.0 is back, and it's more relevant than ever. In today's rapidly changing world, where volatility reigns and disruption lurks around every corner, businesses need to be more resilient than ever. This isn't just about surviving – it's about adapting, innovating, and coming out stronger on the other side.

Dive deeper than ever:

  • Unmask the evolving threat landscape: From cyber-ninjas to climate curveballs, we'll dissect the complexities that threaten your business.

  • Build an unbreakable human firewall: Unleash the power of employee resilience, fostering collaboration and a culture that thrives on uncertainty.

  • Shatter silo walls with integrated risk management: Learn how to weave holistic frameworks that anticipate and neutralize interconnected threats.

  • Harness the tech revolution: AI, automation, blockchain – discover how these cutting-edge tools can become your proactive allies.

  • Reimagine resilience: Break free from traditional approaches, and explore cutting-edge strategies for adaptable organizations.

  • Navigate a volatile world: Dive deep into critical trends and emerging risks shaping business continuity.

What to expect:

  • Connect with experts: Learn from renowned practitioners, thought leaders, and industry veterans

  • Network with industry warriors: Share battle scars, forge alliances, and build a collective resilience that conquers any challenge.

  • Steal secrets from the masters: Learn from those who've stared down the storm and emerged stronger.

  • Leave armed with actionable strategies: Gain practical tools, innovative approaches, and the confidence to navigate any disruption with a smile.

Emerge from the shadows of uncertainty, empowered and prepared.


Come along at the Business Continuity Forum 2.0 and build your resilient future.


Here's what's new:

  • More interactive panels and roundtable discussions:  Test your resilience muscles.

  • Cutting-edge speaker lineup: Hear from the industry's most innovative minds.

  • Exclusive networking opportunities: Build your resilience community and share your war stories.

Don't wait until the storm hits. Register for the Business Continuity Forum 2.0 and whether your organization’s future with confidence.

Highlights of Business Continuity Forum 2023


Dr. David Soldani

SVP, Innovation and advanced Research

profile-pic-2 copy 2.png

Abbas Kudrati

Director / ASEAN Chief Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance Advisor


Leonard Kleinman

Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Evangelist


Kaustubh Vazalwar

Principal - Cyber Resiliency & Privacy Risk Services


William Newell

Senior Director - Integrity, Safety and Risk

Northern Territory Government

Microsoft Logo_edited.jpg
Kaustubh Logo.JPG

Naveed U Ahmed

Manager Automation & Testing


Barbara-Anne Bensted

Vice President Sustainability


J A Zein

Global Head of Governance, Risk and Assurance, Group IT

Toll Group


The forum provided us with a comprehensive understanding of emerging threats and the evolving landscape of business continuity. We now have a future-proofed strategy in place, ensuring our business can adapt and thrive in the face of any unexpected challenges.


The forum wasn't just about gaining knowledge, it was about building connections. Networking with other business continuity professionals from diverse industries was invaluable. We exchanged best practices and forged partnerships that will be crucial in ensuring our collective resilience.


 Director of Business Continuity

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