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Emotional Intelligence Matters For Parenting
Build Your Child's Emotional Muscles

Every Parent Wants To Have Confident, Resilient And Happy Children 

However, parenting is not an easy task! With all the challenges parents face and the expectations they need to meet, parenting can seem to be an overwhelming task at times.


How does emotional intelligence (EI) help?

Emotions drive most of your decisions, responses, and behaviors! The intelligence of managing emotions is heavily linked to success in several areas of life including parenting. Developing EI competencies and modeling them to your child is the most effective way to build your child’s emotional muscle.


Purpose: The program aims to help develop EI competencies to improve parenting through understanding a child’s emotional needs.

Duration: Three-hour session

Attendees: Max 10 participants


Program Structure 

1. The Emotionally Self-Aware Parent

Since you are the first social contact your child has, and your parenting style impacts her performance in life, developing your emotional self-awareness will help you recognize your parenting style and how it impacts your child, now and in the future.

2. Sharpen Your Social Awareness

Emotional social awareness is a major pillar of emotional intelligence. Developing this competency is a cornerstone for better understanding of your child’s emotional cues, communication, empathy, and acceptance.

3. Develop Emotional Balance

Parents with strong emotional self-management can remain calm and controlled in the face of challenges and stressful events. Displaying calm reactions when handling your child’s challenges and stressors is seen as supportive, positive, and creative. It will also help you be in control of redirecting adversities to get better outcomes. This will enhance the trust level and teach your child better ways to deal with life challenges.

4. Raise A Leader

Children are more confident, resilient, and connected when they are EMPOWERED.

You will also learn practical and flexible tools to help parents empower and influence their child and provide strategies on how to handle conflict, offer guidance, and work with the child to become more independent.

Who Should Participate: Teachers, Parents/Guardians, School Counselors, and Childcare Educators


About Afaf Ibrahim

Founder Of Emotional Intelligence Australia, EI & NLP Coach, Educator, and a proud mother of two! Afaf worked with schools where she managed programs for parents, helped disadvantaged youth, empowered women, and assisted victims of domestic violence through various platforms.

Afaf is a certified EI practitioner and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) coach.


Recently, Afaf was recognized by CIO VIEWS Magazine as one of the top ten most influential people in the coaching and training industry in 2023.


She is very passionate about the role of EI in transforming the experience of parenting to make it a joyful and fruitful journey.


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