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Medical Staff

Emotional Intelligence Matters For Healthcare Employees

Program Overview:

Emotional intelligence is a crucial asset for healthcare employees, enhancing their ability to handle complex patient interactions with empathy and understanding. In the demanding healthcare environment, cultivating emotional intelligence fosters effective communication, builds trust, and promotes a compassionate patient care experience.


Program Details: 

Purpose: The program aims to help sharpen EI competencies to create a supportive and healing atmosphere that contributes to improving patient experience.

Duration:  Three-hour session

Attendees: Maximum 10 Attendees.


The three-hour session will cover the following:


  • What is EI and Why Does it Matter for Healthcare Employees?

  • Develop stronger emotional awareness.

  • Build resilience in the face of challenge.



Afaf Ibrahim 

Co-founder l Senior HR Consultant- MHRS 

Founder l EI Coach- EI Australia 

Co-Founder l CEO - Erudite TS 

  • Leading authority in Leadership and Human Resources in corporate and government sectors 

  • A GENOS EI certified practitioner, NLP, and Life Coach 

  • Founder of Emotional Intelligence Australia and Partner-Consultant of Queensland Educational Leadership Institute (QELI) 

  • Recognized by CIO VIEWS Magazine as one of the top ten most influential people in the coaching and training industry in 2023

Afaf is a Senior HR Consultant and a certified Emotional Intelligence expert driving organizational performance and building a business’s competitive advantage in both the corporate and government arena. Afaf has worked in various sectors such as banking, telecommunication, manufacturing, and retail where she helps organizations enhance their emotional culture and business branding. She partners with internal and external stakeholders to assist in the space of talent acquisition, workforce planning, staff engagement, case management, and learning and development to help drive positive outcomes on the operational and strategic levels. 

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