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Program Overview

This course explores the role of automation in enhancing business processes and efficiency. Learners will learn about different automation technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), Intelligent process automation (IPA), and artificial intelligence (AI), and their applications in various industries. The course covers topics such as RPA & IPA awareness, and discovery session(s) leading to in-depth analysis of a process using process and task mining techniques.


This program is designed as a comprehensive immersion into building an automation center of excellence focusing on automation strategy development, operating model, and implementation planning. Learners will gain insights into the benefits and challenges of automation and develop practical skills to identify automation opportunities and implement automation solutions within organizations. Through case studies and hands-on exercises, learners will be able to drive process improvements and optimize business operations through automation.




This program is designed for anyone interested in a full understanding of Automation CoE. This would be a great start for Managers looking to understand Robotic & Intelligent Process Automation




Participants should have a basic understanding of business, and be able to perform basic financial calculations (including by using Excel).


Learning Objectives:

• Understand the Process Automation and its benefits

• Identify why is RPA transformative and where it can be used

• Analyze features and capabilities that are important in RPA technology

• Understand why Intelligent and process automation is the fastest-growing enterprise in the world

• Compare the differences between RPA, IPA and AI

• Design the process discovery workshops

• Identify the processes to be automated within the organization

• Organize the automation pipeline in the automation hub

• Design the automation center of excellence strategy and governance

• Perform the task-capturing process and design the workflow using the task-capture tool

• Build your first robot

• Develop the continuous discovery model with the automation CoE

• Predict the cross-border retail automation

• Justify the use of automation operating model within the organizations

For more details, please download

  • Intelligent Automation for Business

    2 Day Program
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Intelligent Automation for Business

14-15 May 2024 - Perth

18 & 19 June 2024 - Melbourne



Robotics Process Specialist


Automation Expertise:

Naveed Umar Ahmed, based in Sydney, Australia, is an Automation Evangelist with over 20 years of professional experience. He specializes in Project and Quality Management, demonstrating dynamic leadership in delivering end-to-end Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions.


Strategic Vision in Intelligent Automation:

As a pivotal figure at the forefront of Intelligent Automation development and strategy, Naveed bridges the gap between developers and business stakeholders. His expertise lies in identifying opportunities and collaborating closely with stakeholders, ensuring the seamless integration of technologies like UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate.


Diverse Project Management Experience:

Naveed boasts an accomplished track record in implementing the Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence, including Robotics and Intelligent Process Automation (RPA), across various organizations. His expertise extends to Digital Transformation and Project Delivery Management, making him a valuable asset in steering IA solutions to success.

Educator and Tech Enthusiast:

Naveed is a certified agile and RPA trainer, showcasing his commitment to knowledge dissemination. Beyond the professional realm, his tech-savvy nature extends to keeping abreast of new and emerging technologies. Passionate about sports, travel, hiking, trekking, and reading, Naveed brings a well-rounded perspective to the table

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