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Erudition Bites Session
Transformational Leadership




Mark Hodgson Leadership Consultancy

  • A thought leader in Transformation and Influence, assisting hundreds of professionals in developing an authentic brand. 

  • A sought-after international Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Author, and Advisor. 

  • He is a graduate of the AGSM Change Management program, a faculty member of Thought Leaders Business School, and an About My Brain Institute partner. 

Mark Hodgson comes from a corporate background and has held senior leadership roles in the UK, Australasia, Central Europe, and Russia. He has inspired large teams across a range of commercial and not-for-profit businesses. A natural disruptor, he helps CEOs, executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs to position themselves as leading influencers and is an expert in leading change. 


His book, ‘Time to Shine: Adapting who you are and what you know to succeed in the ideas economy’ explains what we need to DO, BE and BUILD to show up as successful, fulfilled, and authentic Influencers. 


Mark assists his clients in the areas of Career Transformation, Thought Leadership, Change Leadership, Executive Coaching, and Mentoring. He is a well-known mentor, counselor, and motivational speaker.


Mark has vast experience working for global leaders such as Microsoft, Fuji Xerox, Foxtel, Flight Centre, and ergon.

60 - minute Workshop

As we emerge from the pandemic, the race is on to find our place in the new world. Businesses are furiously working out what parts of their pre-COVID market still exist while simultaneously looking for new opportunities.

The stakes have never been higher – for either businesses or employees. Too many leaders focus on the wrong things. They get pulled into day-to-day detail and become lost in management.

Leaders must step up

Successful Post-COVID leaders must focus on the bigger picture, obsessed with answering two questions.

  1. Where are we going?

  2. How will we get there?

Over 60 minutes, Mark Hodgson will share ideas on why leaders need to adapt and start.


60-minute workshop

Standing out is critical to your success in a competitive market. That means developing a Personal Brand that instantly tells people: What you know, Who you help, How you add value and Why you are different.

Your Personal brand will compliment your current role and business, but – crucially – it must belong to YOU. It must be portable – able to evolve and grow as your career develops.

Over 60 minutes, leadership expert, Mark Hodgson will share what he has learned helping hundreds of professionals to build an authentic brand. One that showcases their thinking and helps them move forward with confidence.


Been putting this in the too-hard basket? Feel you don’t have much to say? Lacking self-belief?

Mark addresses all of these and gives you a plan to start building the professional brand you need to show up at your best.

60-minute Workshop

We need to get better at building Resilience.

Keeping it all together as we attempt to build careers whilst simultaneously showing up as good parents, siblings and community members is tough. Unless we address the fundamental need to equip ourselves and our teams to show up happy and in good shape for the long haul, our plans will go unrealized.

Building resilience is foundational to everything else.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed

Part of our self-leadership success story must be to manage our personal resources and energies so that we can consistently perform without burning out.

In this 60-minute workshop, leadership expert, Mark Hodgson, examines why building resilience is so crucial for success and wellbeing and unpacks his Resilience 5-Pack model to give you a framework for improvement.

60-minute Workshop

Great leaders inspire us, call us to action and help us to succeed. But to win today, when we are often working remotely, alone, or in small teams, we have to take on more responsibility for our success.


We have to light our own fire. We have to build our Self-Leadership.

In this 60-minute workshop, leadership expert, Mark Hodgson shares the 9 key elements you need to develop to get your Self-Leadership up-to-speed, including:

Mastering your self-talk to build confidence

Nailing your self-discipline

Building your support team

Challenging yourself to grow

Finding the bravery to unlock your inner Hero

It’s time to take responsibility for your own destiny. Learn why self-leadership is so important today, and how to start developing yours to make your post-COVID future a bright one.

60-minute Workshop

To make the most of opportunities as they appear post-pandemic, you need to be confident you are showing up at your best. That means demonstrating you are a professional who can bring the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to grow a business.

In this 60-minute workshop, leadership expert, Mark Hodgson shares ‘The 10 Characteristics every professional needs to succeed’. These apply whether you are just starting out as an employee, or are a business manager/leader. They are based on the work of Don Miller, founder of Business Made Simple University. Here are just a few:


1. See yourself as a Hero, not a victim

2. Know how to de-escalate drama

3. Accept feedback as a gift

4. Long to be trusted and respected more than liked

5. Have a bias towards action

Putting these ideas into action will position you as a highly prized employee who knows how to create business value.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

Get in touch with us today to make a difference!

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