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Program Overview

The Lean Management System has long been recognized as a way to eliminate waste and achieve high efficiency. However, its essence is to make work easier and less burdensome for workers, with a focus on creating meaningful work.

At the heart of Lean Transformation are the concepts of Kaizen, 5S, Muda elimination, Jidoka, Kanban, and Just-In-Time. Applying these concepts and introducing Lean Automation, allows for the ability to produce products efficiently and at the pace of the customer demand. This means that every product meets the customers’ high-quality standards and expectations.

This program explains how Toyota became the world’s best auto company by maximizing operational excellence as a strategic weapon.

Throughout the 2-day training, an experiential learning approach will be employed. This will incorporate presentations to explain the concepts, followed by using real-life case studies and interactive group activities. This approach will be highly engaging aiming to provide participants with a deep understanding of the practical application of concepts. Ensuring a collaborative learning environment to equip a collaborative learning environment, to equip participants with actionable insights to implement in their organization.


Key Takeaways

This program will provide practical strategies to gain an understanding of the following:

14 Lean Principles: Understand the core principles and concepts of Lean Management.

Non-Added Value Waste Management: Identify areas of waste/inefficiency and elimination in the organizational process.

Lean Tools and Techniques: Learn to implement lean tools and techniques to streamline workflows.

Continuous Improvement Work Culture: Develop problem-solving and continuous improvement skills.

5S Concept: Understand the importance of operational housekeeping.

Change Management: Gain an understanding of managing change models.

Employee Engagement: Foster a culture of employee engagement and participation in lean initiatives.

Lean Key Performance Indexes: Measure and analyze KPIs to assess lean effectiveness.

Implementation of Lean Management System: Develop the ability to sustain lean improvements over the long term.

Case Studies Sharing by Industry Experts

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  • Lean Manufacturing

    2 Day Program
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11 & 12 June 2024

JW Marriott Hotel KL Malaysia


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Ir.Ts. Jonas Jeyaraj Anthony

Adjunct Professor

University of Technology Malaysia(UTM)

Executive Director of Corporate Management, Manufacturing and Quality (Rtd)

Chairman of Manufacturing Human Resource Development

Panasonic Group Malaysia

Spearheaded strategic initiatives as the Executive Director of Corporate Management, Manufacturing, and Quality at Panasonic Group Malaysia, significantly contributing to the company’s success and industry influence.

Attained certification as a Chartered Quality Professional (U.K.) and Certified Lead Assessor for QMS ISO9000 and EMS 14000 by Quest International U.K., showcasing expertise and recognition in global quality management standards.

Successfully served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) and ex adjunct lecturer for the MBA program at Nottingham Trent University, UK, highlighting achievements in both academic and corporate training realms.

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