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Saudi Arabia 2024


7 & 8 May 2024


Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Be the Spark. Ignite Connections. Fuel Innovation

Ready to rewrite the future of finance with the region's brightest minds?

Driving The Future of Financial Innovation

Unleashing the Power of Open Banking: OpenFin Saudi Arabia 2024


Embark on a journey to the forefront of open banking transformation in the Gulf region at OpenFin Saudi Arabia 2024.


Saudi Arabia's vibrant fintech landscape is poised to revolutionize the financial services industry, fueled by a young and tech-savvy population, supportive government regulations, and an insatiable demand for innovative financial solutions. At the heart of this revolution lies open banking, enabling seamless data sharing and collaboration between financial institutions and third-party providers.


Unveiling the Digital Transformation Landscape


As smartphone payments soar by 27.4%, reaching a projected 21.632 billion by 2025, the Saudi fintech market is set to surpass a transaction value of USD 33 billion by 2023. This digital transformation is propelling Saudi banks and financial institutions to embrace innovation at an unprecedented pace, addressing evolving business demands and streamlining operational costs.


Navigating the Challenges and Driving Innovation


Banking executives in Saudi Arabia face a dynamic landscape, characterized by shifting customer expectations, fierce competition, growing regulatory complexity, and mounting pressure to streamline operations. These factors, coupled with the transformative power of fintech, open banking, digital lending, payments, and evolving cybersecurity threats, are driving the need for reinvention and innovation.


Join the Industry Leaders and Shape the Future


OpenFin Saudi Arabia 2024 brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators to explore the transformative impact of open banking on the Kingdom's financial ecosystem. Delve into the latest trends, uncover best practices, and witness real-world examples of how open banking is shaping the future of finance in Saudi Arabia.


OpenFin Saudi Arabia 2024 is your gateway to unlocking the transformative power of open banking and shaping the future of financial services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Join us and be a part of this groundbreaking event!

250+ open banking trailblazers. 1 game-changing forum. Are you ready to join the Saudi Arabia movement?

Discover the future of finance with 20+ open banking leaders from Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Join us in shaping the future of finance in the gulf region. Showcase your open banking solutions and connect with the right audience!

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OpenFin Speakers

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Top Reasons To Join The Forum

Rub shoulders with the visionaries

Master the FinTech game

Hear from the frontlines

Steal the best playbook

Meet your FinTech superheroes

Unleash the power of possibilities

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Forum Highlights

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Shaping the Future of Saudi Arabia Banking with Open Banking

Payments 2.0.jpg

Payments 2.0: Reimagining Seamless, Secure, and Inclusive Transactions

Security and risk.jpg

Embracing Agility, Security, and Risk Management in the Open Banking Era

Fostering Growth and Innovation through Open Innovation and Strategic Partnerships


Integrating ESG Principles into Investment Strategies

Reimagining Retail Banking with Omnichannel Strategies and Open Finance

Equipping the Workforce for Financial Innovation: The Imperative of Future-Ready Talent

Unleashing Financial Innovation with the SAMA Open Banking Framework

Unleashing the Power of Digital Identity: Transforming Security, Privacy, and Innovation

AI and Automation: Revolutionizing Financial Services

Open Finance Frontiers: Insights from an Industry Expert

Navigating the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Landscape in Open Finance

Who Should Attend


Financial Industry Professionals


Business Leaders




Developers and Technologists



Delegates Categories

Investment Banking
Financial Services
Investment Management
Government Administration
Government Relations Services

Regulatory Bodies

Consumer Advocacy Groups

Academic Institutions

Media Organizations

Key Job Titles

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology/Digital Officer
Chief Information/Data Officer
Head of Digital Transformation
Chief Strategy Officer
Head of Customer Solutions/Engagement
Head of Retail Banking
SME Banking
Head of IT & Infrastructure
Head of Regtech & Compliance
Product Manager
Software Developer
Solutions Architect
Business Development Manager
API Product Manager
Developer Relations Manager
Customer Success Manager
Sales Engineer
Marketing Manager
Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Machine Learning Engineer
Business Intelligence Analyst
Data Governance Specialist
Chief Information Security Officer 
Security Architect
Security Analyst
Incident Response Manager
Cloud Architect
IT Security Consultant
Cloud Consultant
Solution Architect
Business Analyst

Solutions Provider Categories

Software Companies
API Providers
Data Analytics Companies
Cybersecurity Firms
Cloud Computing Providers
IT Consulting Firms
Mobile Network Operators
Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers
Digital Identity Providers
Mobile Payments Companies
Telemarketing Companies

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Harness The Power Of Hybrid Event

This hybrid experience aims to provide participants with the maximum advantage!

  • Expand your professional network on a global scale

  • Access international expertise and broaden your perspective by connecting with diverse and like-minded professionals

  • Enjoy the benefits of a physical event for networking and hands-on experiences

  • Opt for the convenience of virtual attendance, accommodating various preferences

  • Take advantage of content and speaking sessions available on demand and anywhere


Be Our Partner - Sponsor For Success

Sponsoring the Open Banking Forum in Saudi Arabia offers a multitude of benefits for companies seeking to establish themselves as leaders in the open banking revolution. It provides an unparalleled platform to:

  1. Elevate Brand Presence and Establish Thought Leadership: Gaining visibility among a targeted audience of 250+ attendees from Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, including key decision-makers, industry experts, and potential partners.

  2. Showcase Cutting-Edge Solutions and Expertise: Position your company as a pioneer in open banking innovation by demonstrating your latest products, services, and expertise to a highly receptive audience.

  3. Expand Market Reach and Generate Leads: Network with potential customers and partners to expand your market reach, generate leads, and drive business growth.

  4. Foster Thought Leadership and Influencer Marketing: Establish your company as a thought leader in the open banking space by participating in panel discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities.

  5. Support Industry Growth and Collaboration: Contribute to the advancement of open banking in Saudi Arabia by supporting a premier event that fosters collaboration and drives innovation.

  6. Enhance Brand Reputation and Demonstrate Commitment: Demonstrate your company's commitment to open banking and the future of finance by aligning with a highly respected and influential event.


By sponsoring the Open Banking Forum, you gain access to a captive audience of potential customers, partners, and influencers, positioning your company at the forefront of the open banking revolution in Saudi Arabia.

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