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Program Overview

Emotions are the background of almost everything we do. They drive our responses, thoughts, and performance. You may experience up to 34000 emotions in life; each emotion somehow impacts your decisions and relationships on both personal and professional levels.

Developing the intelligence required to manage own emotions and those of others is a critical skill for leaders.

Leaders face various challenges and obstacles, not only in their mission to bring better outcomes, standards, and performance but also in managing competing priorities and the diversity of the people involved.

Research showed that emotionally intelligent leaders have at least six essential traits in common. Increasing the EI level helps significantly in effectively leading diverse teams, influencing others, empowering high performance, and bringing creative approaches to enhancing productivity and employee engagement.

Emotional intelligence can save your employee retention rate.

With the uncertainty we all face now, Improving EI will help you navigate an ever-changing world and even become a successful leader in it.


Program Takeaways:


  • Develop more vital emotional awareness- the mindful and empathetic leader

  • Increase self-regulation and often maintain emotional balance in facing challenges

  • Develop trust and build an effective relationship with internal and external stakeholders

  • Inspire and influence others while building more robust negotiation and decision-making abilities

  • Develop a personal balance sheet and self-development plan


For more details, please download the brochure here.

  • Emotional Intelligence - Virtual

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The 6 Essentials Traits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

26 & 27 February 2024



Afaf Ibrahim 

Co-founder l Senior HR Consultant- MHRS 

Founder l EI Coach- EI Australia 

Co-Founder l CEO - Erudite TS 

  • Leading authority in Leadership and Human Resources in corporate and government sectors 

  • A GENOS EI certified practitioner, NLP and Life Coach 

  • Founder of Emotional Intelligence Australia and Partner-Consultant of Queensland Educational Leadership Institute (QELI) 

Afaf is a Senior HR Consultant and a certified Emotional Intelligence expert driving organizational performance and building a business’s competitive advantage in both the corporate and government arena. Afaf has worked in various sectors such as banking, telecommunication, manufacturing, and retail where she helps organizations enhance their emotional culture and business branding. She partners with internal and external stakeholders to assist in the space of talent acquisition, workforce planning, staff engagement, case management, and learning and development to help drive positive outcomes on the operational and strategic levels. 

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