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The 6 Traits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

  • 6Weeks
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Hello and welcome! The 6 Essential Traits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders online course is designed for leaders who are willing to make a difference not only on the professional level but also in their personal life and relationships. It is evident that success in many areas of life starts with having a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Throughout the course participants will uncover the meaning of Emotional Intelligence (EI)I? And why it matters for leaders? In this course, we are going to explore the 6 dimensions of emotional intelligence. They are the essential traits for emotionally intelligent leaders. EI is becoming a much needed skill for all professions and in particular for leaders. whatever is your current EI level, the good news is, we can develop and improve it. That confirms that leaders are made not born. We also going to discuss your personal balance sheet, strategies for building your brain power, design an agenda with development tips for you to become the inspiring leader of today. Application is essential to gain the skill, so it is critical to practice what you learn everyday as you study the course. I hope you find it of benefit to you. Happy learning

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